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"We see an Africa that's free to prosper"

About Crown

The Crown base in Malawi is located near Blantyre in a suburb called Chigumula and is under the leadership of Johann van der Ham. He lives on the base, along with his wife, Retha, and their three daughters. Johann and Retha are passionate about ministering to the poorest of the poor, like the widows and orphans who are trying to survive through subsistence farming.  The van der Ham’s feel that the solution is not to feed them, but to teach them principles and basic skills that will give them a wonderful increase on their land. “Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor….” Prov.13:23  Empowering the poor through an impartation of knowledge that is vital for them to prosper. In addition to working with Crown, Johann is also involved with Foundations for Farming. They are currently also using the Crown base as demonstration gardens to teach people to realize the God-given potential of their land.

Here is the story of the Crown base, as told by Johann:

“During December 2008 I started searching for a property near Blantyre which would be suitable to set up a training centre, resource centre and an office for Crown. We looked at several sites and eventually found the property that met our criteria.  The final payment was made on Wednesday May 27, 2009 with money send from a donor in the USA.  The land was registered in the name of Crown Financial Ministries at the department of lands.  It is only 12km from Blantyre’s major shopping mall and only a few hundred metres off the main road.  The property has become very fruitful with bee hives, chickens, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, compost piles, a medicinal garden, a mushroom fruiting house and a few wild animals.  We renovated the old servants qouters and made them into dormitories which can take 12 students at a time.  By the Lord’s grace we built a training center and is currently constructing a building which will host the sanctified enterprises (business ventures where we demonstrate diligence and faithfulness.)  Charles & Tania van Remoortere are heading up this exciting new development.  They are producing cheese, bottling honey and making Moringa powder capsules (a nutritious food supplement) right here at the base. Since we moved in here in August 2009 until now, we can see so much development.  We receive many visitors and school groups who are interested in what we do and the local community is slowly adopting the principles we are modeling here. Students are coming from different districts in Malawi and neighboring countries to be trained at our training center. This is a testimony of the Lord’s goodness and a confirmation to us of Lord’s desire to see the vulnerable people of Malawi being equipped and set free from the bondage of poverty.” 

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