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Billy Bray

Managing Director of Kukonza Bwino (Streamlining) Consultancy

Brays 2Before coming to Malawi Billy enjoyed a successful career as a Chartered Management accountant for a FTSE 100 company.  In 2008 Billy and his family left Cape Town to come and serve the people of Malawi. He believes that Africa has a significant “last days” calling and he is driven to see them empowered to fulfill it. In 2011 they moved to Blantyre, rolling out the Crown material in the market place, co-founding the Crown Stewardship School and successfully setting up Kukonza Bwino, a training and consulting company.   Billy and his wife, Julie-Ann, have been happily married for 10 years and God has blessed them with four graceful girls.  Billy is facilitating the Character First, Personality ID, Personal Finance and Business modules at Crown.

Charles Van Remoortere

Managing Director of “Mustard LTD”

Van Remoorteres

Charles and Tania have been in business in South Africa for 26 years and have successfully mastered the ability to “get things done” through diligent process management. When called, they sold all their belongings and followed His command to come and empower the poor in Malawi.  Tania successfully home schools their son Victor.

Together they have set up three businesses in Malawi: collecting, bottling and selling of Malawian pure honey, collecting milk from local dairies and manufacturing various cheeses to replace imports, producing Moringa powder, packing it into capsules and jars and selling it as a superfood and an immune system booster.  Charles teaches at the Stewardship School on Godly diligence, the key to success, on getting things done, on saying what you do and doing what you say, on precision in communication and on effective process management. 

Isaac Gomani

Farm manager and trainer at the Crown base in Chigumula

Isaac Gomani

Isaac and Ruth his wife live on the Crown base with their two children since the inception of the ministry in October 2009.  He is responsible for running the farming operations on the base.  Isaac has been practicing conservation agriculture on his own farm in Thyolo district since 2001 with great success.  He has vast experience in farming and is an excellent trainer, interpreter and business man.  He has trained the NGO community in Malawi as well as Government extension officers in conservation agriculture.  Isaac is facilitating the Foundations for Farming classes at the Crown Stewardship School.

Jonah Zulu

Elder at Living Stones International church

JonahJonah, his wife Lindly and their three daughters are living in Blantyre where Jonah is serving as a full time elder in Living Stones International Church.  Jonah has proven to be a very faithful servant leader.  The Lord blessed him with a wonderful gift of sharing the Gospel.  He is ministering the Word of God in the local church as well as in the markets in and around Blantyre.  Jonah is facilitating the Gospel at the Stewardship School. His classes is marked by lively discussions and brings the students to a wonderful revelation to the amazing grace of God.

Johannes & Marieke Bos

Managing Directors of Maluwa Ministries, Zomba, Malawi

BossesIn 2007 Johannes and his family left the Netherlands to come and serve the people in Malawi. Johannes believes in putting boots to the Gospel by presenting practical solutions to the day to day challenges people in rural areas are facing. They love to connect with the people in Malawi on grass roots level.  They have lived for 3 years in Nankumba village, Balaka where they taught and practiced Foundations for Farming very successfully.  In 2012 they moved to the town of Zomba to be more strategically placed to  impact the district. Before coming to Malawi Johannes had his own landscaping business and was in the church involved in youth ministry and evangelism work.  Marieke is a qualified teacher and very gifted in transferring skills to woman in rural communities and in developing training material.  She is also the master mind behind the “Skills for Life”training we present.

Johann van der Ham

National Director of Crown Financial Ministries, Malawi

The van der Ham FamilyJohann and his wife Retha have been missionaries in Malawi since 1999.  The Lord has blessed them with 4 beautiful daughters whom they are homeschooling.  Johann received a vision from the Lord in April 1989 that the curse of poverty over Africa will be broken.  Since 2001 they have been training subsistence farmers in Malawi in a Biblical view on farming and financial management.  They have seen many farmers breaking out of poverty.  Part of the training effort was the production of a movie in the local language called “Times of Change.”  Johann produced a second movie addressing the financial challenges families are facing in Malawi called “Chibwana Chimalanda.”  He is serving as the dean of the Crown Stewardship School and has a passion to see ordinary people doing extraordinary things as they place their trust in God.

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