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Hope for 1000

1000 families fed and empowered

flyerAfter one year of floods and another year of drought, many Malawians were faced with severe hunger during the months of June 2016 to March 2017.  We felt prompted to take a step of faith and reach out to 1000 families.

To provide hope and a future!



With the help of different ministry partners we identified five needy communities where we targeted 200 families in each to benefit from an empowerment outreach.  These communities were in Machinga, Phalombe, Ncheu, Thyolo and Zomba.  Each community sent four lead farmers for two weeks of intensive training at the Crown Stewardship School.



stewardship-schoolAfter two weeks of training the lead farmers’ mandate was clear.  Each had to train 50 families to grow 52 lines of maize (one line for every week of the year) at a very high standard.    From each line they could harvest 15kg of maize, enough to feed themselves for a week, altogether giving them enough maize to feed themselves for 52 weeks in the next year.  That is exactly what the lead farmers did.


Within one month, 1000 families were trained in five communities!

These families received 2kg of seed & 10kg fertilizer after they were trained.  In December the same families received 20kg of high nutritious porridge  (Future life) given by City Hope Disaster Relief, Durban SA.

The harvest is coming in!

We are now receiving the results from the different localities where families were trained.  So far it looks like the average yield from the 52 lines of maize has yielded 10 bags of maize / family.  Some farmers did extremely well and some did poorly, with most of them testifying of an increase in yield from previous seasons.  The lead farmers proofed to be very diligent in fulfilling their mandate.  The focus at the moment is training the same group of people how to make compost manure.  The seed we provided was an open pollinated variety, which is replant-able. If they can manage to produce compost manure and keep the best cobs from the harvest for seed, the next harvest is also secured!   Above all, we are very thankful to see how many souls from the 1000 families has received Jesus as their Lord and Savior in the process.  We are busy doing followup visits to these farmer groups to see the results of their maize harvest and to keep on watering the seeds of the Word which was sown over the last 6 months.


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